Our Doctors Make house calls!


   1.   Computer Hospital Inc. has been contracted to do the above scope of work. Customer agrees to be responsible to pay for all

         goods and services rendered.

   2.   We are not responsible for any acts of God while computers are being serviced. Such as fire, burglary, lightning, electrical surges, etc.

   3.   Equipment sold such as printers; PC's, monitors, etc. are warranted by OEM manufacturers, not Computer Hospital Inc, herein further

         referred to as CHI.

   4.   All computer repairs and/or diagnostics left unpaid over 30 days become property of CHI, and will be sold to reimburse CHI costs.

   5.   It is agreed that overdue accounts will be charged at 5% interest monthly, plus all collection and attorney fees.

   6.   Guarantee only covers mis-programmed software reported within 3 days of PC delivery. 

         Service calls on-site and/or are serviced remotely are billed at the current billing rate at the time of the service. Presently our residential

         hourly rate is $60.00 per hour (residential rate) at the time of this contract. Changes need not be advertised and can be adjusted

         without advance notice. 

   7.   We cannot and do not guarantee the performance of any third party software installed by CHI, customers or others. 

   8.   Returned checks will be charged a $45.00 handling fee; Restocking fee for any equipment "if" accepted by CHI / TAC is 25%. 

   9.   All pre-owned components and/or systems are sold as-is, no warranty, no returns, unless otherwise noted. 

 10.   Custom ordered computers or parts are non-refundable, non-cancellable once parts are ordered, and deposits are non-refundable. 

 11.   We do not accept any responsibility for any loss of data or programs due to reprogramming, configuring, and/or virus removal. 

 12.   In the event this matter goes to collection and/or litigation, customer agrees to pay all costs of collections including all 

         attorney fees.  Strictly preconditioned upon your unequivocal acceptance of and consent to all the provisions listed herein and further, 

         that these provisions are contractual in nature and not a mere recital and is therefore, a material inducement to Computer 

         Hospital Inc., its  principles, its employees, and independent contractors (collectively "CHI" or TAC LLC)  agreeing to provide 

         the services to you and, or your business.  In light of the foregoing, as a condition precedent to CHI rendering said Services 

         to you or your business or home, you are hereby knowingly, intentionally, voluntarily, and irrevocably waive any right you may have 

         to a trial by jury, or court decision in respect of any action, proceeding or counterclaim based on any services 

         provided to you by CHI or TAC including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any and all claims, whether they be 

         direct or vicarious in nature, for breach of contract (express or implied) warranty, detrimental  reliance, negligent hiring, 

         negligent supervision, oversight or compensatory or punitive damages. You hereby further agree that any dispute between 

         you an CHI will only be settled through informal negotiation between you and CHI. By signing this contract you agree to waive 

         all your rights of dispute with any attorney or in court, and that the final dispute resolution will be the sole decision of CHI. 

         And additionally should you bring any legal action against CHI or TAC, its' principles, or employees personally you are liable for  

         all legal costs incurred by CHI or TAC, its' principles, or employees win or lose. 

 13.   Customer understands that there is no warranty on labor, and that warranties, if any, are provided by the OEM not CHI. 

 14.   The customer agrees and understands that this is a legal binding contract and all the conditions herein are contractual and is not a

         mere recital. Hence this contract supersedes all other contracts between the parties regardless of date signed. including contracts 

         contained below within the scope of the "software maintenance protection" plan.



 15.   This plan only covers the physical computer software, all other hardware accessories such as printers, routers, modems, monitors, etc. , are not

         covered under this plan. Each covered computer has to be fully registered with make, model, service tag, and serial #. Each computer

         covered by our plan is limited to one full reprogramming per year. Customer MUST provide all program install discs to CHI so proper

         recovery is possible. And computers covered under this plan MUST be connected to a "computer grade surge suppressor" to help      

         prevent software corruption. We can supply them at additional cost.

 16.   Data backup is limited to 5 GIGABYTES. Additional backup over 5 GIGS is $30.00 per 10 GIGS during a re-installation only. 

 17.   SMP service is limited to three phone calls, and two remote or on-site repair / analysis per quarter at our discretion, and is not mandatory 

         by contract for CHI. Any additional service requests within the same quarter will be billed at a reduced rate of $40.00 per hour. 

 18.   Parts are not covered and an additional cost for labor and parts will be is charged under this plan during repairs. 

 19.   If a computer is deeply infected with a virus and/or hardware issues, it must be brought into the shop for reprogramming due to limited

         on-site equipment. Refusal to allow this is a violation of contract, and no further work will be done on the computer until the customer complies

         with the contractual requirements. However, the customer will still be held strictly to their contractual required payments.  

 20.   Each computer must be tested to be virus free, and be in sound working condition prior to being covered by the plan. If not, 

         and reprogramming of said computer is needed, a reduced fee of $125.00 will be charged in addition to the first month's fee. 

 21.   There is a base charge for account set-up and service fee of $60.00 for the initial inspection of your computer. 

 22.   Upon entering into the Software Maintenance Protection plan there is a thirty day waiting period prior to general plan coverage.

         Full reprogramming of covered systems will not be in effect until the 4th complete month in service.  

 23.   SMP contract is in 2 year periods, and a written notice must be given prior to 30 days in advance of the two year auto renewal date. All SMP

         contracts auto-renew by default at the end of the initial two year period for an additional two year period.

 24.   By entering into this agreement customer agrees to be auto billed to the credit card on file. If the credit card is cancelled the customer must 

         notify CHI immediately to avoid late fees, or other legal remedies. All legal disputes are waived by the customer, agreeing that

         Computer Hospital Inc. retains all rights and remedies outlined in paragraph#12 above. CHI has the right to cancel, alter or change any

         part of this contract without notice to the customer at any time. The customer is hereby advised that the only means of being constantly

         aware of said updates / changes is to visit this page often. Customer also agrees to allow our remote service software to remain active and

         fully installed. Thus allowing for updates, virus scans, repairs, changes to their computer software, at any time without prior notice if needed, to                fulfill our SMP obligations.  

 25.   If the customer relocates permanently outside the operational distance (40miles) of CHI and/or wishes to terminate the contract early, the

         termination fee would be equal to the remainder of the present contractual years fee due payable in full upon cancellation plus a $40.00        

         administrative processing fee.

 26.   If in any event we find another person and or company has worked on, altered, or made any setting changes, we may charge our

         full current hourly fees to make the necessary corrections needed to restore full operational status. 

 27.   Customer agrees that by entering into this agreement that they have read and acknowledged this web page and agrees to all contractual    

         stipulations in full. And that the only physical contract they will be offered will be to high light, and copy/paste and print this page from

         this site, or request same in email form.