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What we see on a daily basis is customers getting viruses, spy-ware and other disruptive software on their computers. This causes computers to not function properly. Problems such as data loss, IDENTITY THEFT, and other issues cause slow function. This could be costly and stressful. 


We offer a Software maintenance protection (SMP)  plan for residential customers only. SEE IF YOU QUALIFY!


What you get with SMP:

*    One Full reprogramming of your registered computer per year. Your PC software will be restored to it's original factory state.

**  All data backed up and re-entered into your newly reprogrammed PC.

      A remote or on-site system check up of your registered computer as needed, and, if needed, a tune up to clear your system of all Mal-Ware,

      Spy-Ware, Ad-Ware, and Viruses.

***Your technical questions answered, and advice given on system design. Emails and phone calls covered.

      Full computer diagnostics and software repairs are covered, (with the exception of defective parts).

      We can even sell you a complete new system (at additional cost), delivered and set-up in your home.



                                                     YOU SAVE !!!

      All the above services would COST YOU over $450.00 per year! This plan would save you nearly 50% off normal full rates, while keeping

      your computer healthy.

*    Introductory price of only $19.95 per month based on two year agreements. That's only 64 cents a day for peace of mind.

*    Multiple computer discounts are available at $14.95 per additional registered unit in the same household.





               CONTRACT TERMS and CONDITIONS are on the TERMS and CONDITIONS tab.